By aduadmin On 09 Mar 2017

Abu Dhabi University’s Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is gearing up to host Dr. John Hooker, Professor of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility and Professor of Operations Research at Carnegie Mellon University, for a series of seminars discussing Cross-Cultural Business Ethics and Business Sustainability Worldwide.

Dr. Hooker’s talk on Cross-Cultural Business Ethics will focus on differences in business practices across cultures worldwide and how they result in different ethical norms, and particularly on corruption and how to recognize when cronyism, nepotism, gift giving, and other activities are corrupt or legitimate, depending on the business culture. The seminar will also discuss “Business Sustainability Worldwide” with examples of the best practices of sustainable businesses from around the world, where sustainability is understood as a set of socially responsible practices that benefit future generations.

The seminars are also set to highlight issues of environmental sustainability, renewable energy, recycling, green washing, the triple bottom line, the triple top line, fair trade practices, indigenous rights, as well as sustainable banking and its relation to Islamic finance.